Our favorite family reunion.

“Mike and I have been owners since 2001. We started arranging family reunions about every two years in 2007. Mike and I have four adult children, thirteen grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Our extended family, which includes Mike's mom, stepdad, and the mom of one of our son-in-laws, range in age from toddlers to octogenarians plus.  

This year's reunion will be number seven and will be back in Oceanside, California, where we had our first big family gathering. We have also been to WorldMark Mission Valley and WorldMark Angels Camp in California;  WorldMark Arrow Point on Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho; as well as WorldMark Depoe Bay and WorldMark Running Y in Oregon.

At that first reunion one of our daughters became a WorldMark owner, and she is now my co-planner. Mike was more than happy to let the two of us do it. Cheryl and I have learned a couple of things over the years. The main one is to pick a destination resort that offers the types of activities that will interest the most people. Try to pick a time that fits in with most peoples' schedules — not always an easy task. The next most important thing is to have a backup plan, be flexible. Cheryl and I try to please everyone, but when that's not possible, we please ourselves.

During reunion week, we try to schedule one big family meal together, usually at the resort. Mostly our family goes in different directions in different groups at different times, depending on who wants to do what and with whom. Too much togetherness can be a strain on family dynamics. So far there haven't been any family feuds at one of these and we would like to keep it that way.

Which reunion was our favorite? I'm not sure we could come to a consensus on an absolute favorite. Every one of these places was amazing and had their own unique attractions and special memories. Children of all ages are always entertaining as are the interactions among the generations. So in that sense, we bring our own entertainment. Family was the main reason we bought into WorldMark in the first place. I can't speak for everyone, but my favorite reunion is always the one that is happening or about to happen.”

Sharon G.
Nampa, Idaho

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