2023 Highlights: Your club’s year in review.

There’s no doubt about it — 2023 was an amazing year for your club, full of epic vacations and memorable travel experiences for owners. In retrospect, the numbers are pretty impressive: There were more than 380,000 vacations enjoyed by owners like you, and hopefully at least one of them WAS enjoyed by you. With the implementation of the new call-back feature, more than 14,000 owners opted to receive a call-back instead of waiting in a queue to book their reservation.

More than $85 million were spent on renovating and updating your beautiful club resorts (your maintenance dollars hard at work). Not to mention several exciting web enhancements - your owner website was updated to allow online waitlist self-servicing and online booking for Club Pass reservations, simplifying the booking process and making it easier than ever to enjoy a getaway to an exciting Club Pass destination in New York, Nashville, or Atlantic City. All in all, 2023 was pretty darn great.

Take a look at this fun video from Annie Roberts, Senior Vice President of Club & Owner Services, detailing even more of your club’s accomplishments from 2023:

2023 Highlights: Your club’s year in review.

More tops from 2023.

Not only was 2023 full of some pretty exciting accomplishments, it was also a year full of fun and informative vacation-inspired articles published right here on your owner website. In case you missed out the first time around, here are a few of the year’s most popular articles for your reading pleasure. These articles were written with your vacation dreams in mind, and hopefully each will inspire you with a desire to see and explore more of this amazing world you live in.

1. Chef Jernard: Top recipes from a celebrity chef.

Inspired by club resorts in the South, Chef Jernard Wells (celebrity chef, award-winning TV host, and best-selling cookbook author) shared some of his favorite, Southern-inspired recipes, perfect for preparing in your suite’s kitchen on your next Southern getaway.

2. Out + About: Fresh air fancy.

This handy overview offers insights into which of your club resorts are nearest to some top outdoor activities. If a vacation centered around golfing on beautiful courses, visiting a stunning outdoor park or botanical garden, or hiking a unique trail to a scenic viewpoint tickles your fancy, this article will tell you some undiscovered places to do just that.

3. Fuel up for adventure at charming eateries near national parks.

Do you love some finger-lickin’-good food at a down-home, down-to-earth restaurant or cafe? If so, this listicle, brought to you by your WorldMark by Wyndham Social Media team, has some great new vacation destinations to choose from. Each featured tasty eatery is near an exciting national park AND a cool club resort.

4. Paddle up for pickleball, vacation-style!

Whether pickleball is new to you or you’re an old hat at playing the game, this informative overview will turn you into a pickleball expert before you know it. You’ll learn about the history of the game, some common rules, and which of your club resorts have pickleball courts for your vacation pleasure (hint: there are 16 of them!).

5. Hidden gem vacation destinations with Club Pass.

If you’ve already crossed many of the major vacation hot spots off your bucket list, you may be wondering where to go next. Vegas? Been there, done that. Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Nashville? Check. What now? How about a hidden gem that you may have never thought of before. This article will have you trekking off the beaten path before you know it.

Time to start planning for 2024.

With 2023 nearly in the rearview mirror, it’s a great time to start thinking about 2024 and all the epic vacations you want to take. Maybe it’s a solo trek to an exciting national park? Maybe it’s a romantic couple’s getaway, sans kids, to Vegas or NOLA? Or maybe it’s a family reunion with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws you can muster at a big family-oriented resort in Branson or Hawaii. Whatever is on your bucket list for 2024, make sure to start planning soon so you can take advantage of maximum availability AND maximum planning time.

Where will you go next? The world is your oyster with WorldMark by Wyndham. Explore Destination Guides, read up on the latest Club News, and Search Resorts right here on your owner website. Get started now.

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