Meet the 2023 board candidates.


Meet the 2023 board candidates.

This year, three board positions are up for re-election. This is your opportunity to learn more about each candidate and their platform.

The opinions and statements of the candidates do not necessarily reflect those of WorldMark, The Club, nor the club management. Statements are included exactly as they were submitted by the candidates. The club does not assume any responsibility or accept any liability for the accuracy of these statements.

M. Cecilia Cuevas

Location: Filmore, California

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    As I reflect on 12 years of service on your Board of Directors, I am honored and grateful to be part of a Club as unique as ours. With continued focus on our fiduciary responsibility for the Club, and our commitment to maintain quality and value for the investment you and your family have made, your Board puts you, our owners, first. This Club leads the timeshare industry, and given our unique structure, the Club is free of bad debt.

    Despite the recent pandemic and the subsequent “great resignation,” we worked in partnership with the management company to adapt and enhance our operations to meet the vacation needs of our owners, while respecting, retaining, and providing for our top talent. We have maintained our focus on delivering on our promise to provide the best vacation experiences available. We continue to expand our efforts to ensure owners have priority in booking their vacations, while also supporting owners in sharing and making memories with family and friends.

    I continue to believe we must concentrate on improving resort amenities, as well as responsibly plan and provide for ongoing maintenance and future restorations of our resorts. Over the past few years, we have delivered on this goal by conscientiously contributing to our reserve budget, which is vital and directly responsible for all exterior and interior resort and unit features.

    WorldMark owners are passionate about our Club, and the Board has taken your recommendations to heart and incorporated many of them into your everyday vacation experiences. We demand quality, friendly support and service, and above all, value. A strong and collaborative working relationship between the Board and the management company is key to our sustained success.

    I ask for your vote so that I may continue to work on your behalf to help ensure WorldMark continues to provide the same unforgettable vacations owners have come to know and enjoy. Thank you for your support!

Martin Hernandez

Location: Tehachapi, California

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    I appreciate this opportunity to share more with you about my professional experience and the expertise I bring to the WorldMark Board of Directors.

    Public service has been a core passion and focus of mine for the better part of my professional career. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, I spent many years in the non-profit arena working for organizations that provided much-needed services to at-risk youth. In the latter 20 years of my career, I worked in both city and county government, and I currently serve as a Board Director for my local Community Services District in my hometown of Bear Valley Springs, California.

    In addition, I served as Chief of Staff to an elected official at the county level. I was responsible for building interpersonal relationships in both the public and private sector, and with the public at large. I conducted and oversaw complex, multi-billion-dollar budget analysis and analytical policy reviews, land use issues, and strategic planning, as well as built collaborative relationships with federal, state, and local agencies.

    At the city government level, I represented our residents as city councilmember for six years, one of which was as Mayor. My duties there also included budget review and approval, as well as negotiations of legal contracts with unions and municipal projects, passing ordinances and resolutions, and regulating business activity through licensing and regulations — always prioritizing the needs of the communities I served.

    Much of my time in both governmental levels was spent learning critical lessons about how communities best work to be sustainable over the long term. Many of these skills work hand in glove with the duties of the WorldMark Directors.

    For the past year and a half, I have been honored to serve on the WorldMark Board of Directors, helping to uphold your ownership and vacation experiences to the best possible standard. I have enjoyed my appointment to the finance committee, which has given me an intimate insight into how your money is spent. I know what it takes to invest in ownership, as I have been an owner since 2002.

    I would be honored to receive your vote for re-election. With my extensive professional experience and enthusiasm for public service, I am committed to continuing my work as an advocate for my fellow WorldMark owners.

Kevin Maciulewicz

Location: Orlando, Florida

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    Since 2019, I have had the honor of serving on the WorldMark Board of Directors. It has been a rewarding and insightful journey, and I deeply value the opportunity to work on your behalf to ensure your vacations exceed your expectations.

    In addition to my position on the Board, I currently serve as Senior Vice President of Resort Operations for Wyndham Destinations, the vacation ownership business line of Travel + Leisure Co. In this role, I oversee the day-to-day operations of WorldMark resorts. Alongside my exceptional team, we strive to provide consistent and memorable vacations and premier service to owners. My expertise in operating resorts efficiently while prioritizing the needs and desires of owners is a strength I bring to the table as a Board member. Furthermore, my role enables me to ensure the continued alignment and collaboration between the management company and the Board.

    After more than 25 years working in the hospitality industry, I have seen firsthand the power of vacations. Ultimately, life is about experiences — and WorldMark vacations bring us unmatched opportunities to enjoy the best experiences life has to offer. My family and I have created some of our best memories at WorldMark resorts — most recently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Austin, Texas — and I hear from countless owners about how WorldMark has done the same for them. Helping loved ones connect and share those moments together is why I am so passionate about my Board service. I couldn’t imagine a more important responsibility than bringing families together.

    As a member of your Board of Directors, I pledge to continue working in your best interest so you can explore, travel boldly, and own the moment. Thank you for your support and your enthusiasm for our club — here’s to many more years of unforgettable WorldMark vacations.

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