A woman stops along the side of the road and opens up her car door to look out onto the red rock formations in Utah.
A woman stops along the side of the road and opens up her car door to look out onto the red rock formations in Utah.
A woman stops along the side of the road and opens up her car door to look out onto the red rock formations in Utah.


5 places to capture memories in Moab.

While it's hard to find a spot that's not picture-perfect in Moab, here are a handful of great places to grab a snapshot on your next visit to this desert oasis. Be sure to save this article and share it with your traveling companions so you can capture memories together. Leave only footprints, take only pictures.

“Greetings from Moab” mural.

A woman looks off to the left while posing in front of a larger mural that says Greeting from Moab while visiting Moab, Utah.

Brought to you by Greetings Tour, this mural is a must-see to commemorate your Moab vacation. Spot the Delicate Arch and other quintessential sights that make Moab unique in each letter. When you take a picture here, you not only have a great photo as a keepsake, but another reminder of all your Moab adventures. Find it off of Main Street in downtown Moab.

A woman poses with arms angled out in front of the main entrance at the WorldMark by Wyndham resort in Moab, Utah.
The ultimate resort shot.

This one will be easy to find — it’s located right at The Moab Resort, WorldMark Associate. Whether you're checking in, headed to the pool, or visiting the lobby for an afternoon game session, you'll pass the perfect photo op. The resort has 360 degrees of red-rock mountainous views, which means you can take a picture from any angle and get a great shot and a new favorite vacation photo.

A woman with sunglasses on smiles and stands to the side of a rainbow-colored mural that says Stay Sunny Moab while visiting Moab, Utah.
“Stay sunny Moab” mural.

While you're grabbing a pre-hike bite at the Moab Food Truck Park, be sure to look for this mural located behind the Moab Rainbowls food truck. This colorful, vibrant sign really embodies the spirit and sunshiny feel of visiting Moab.

A woman in hiking gear holds her arm up while posing in front of Delicate Arch at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.
The Delicate Arch.

If hiking is part of your vacation itinerary, you won’t want to miss this photo op. Hike the Delicate Arch Trail in Arches National Park to its namesake. With this iconic landmark and the sweeping views of the stunning national parks around you, a selfie taken here will be one you’ll treasure forever.

Looking for other angles? If you’re comfortable, you can even stand underneath the arch for an up-close-and-personal photo. Reservations are required to enter Arches National Park. Learn more about the hike to Delicate Arch by checking out this Instagram post.

A woman holds a peace sign up in the air as she poses in front of red rock mountains on the side of the road while driving out of Moab, Utah.
Enjoying the scenic route.

One of the best parts of vacation is the journey, and you’ll find the best photo spots when you take the scenic route — which in Moab is pretty much everywhere. Drive past town and enjoy the miles of views around you. Pull off at a spot with natural beauty and snap a photo for the memories.

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