Take a look at the latest updates to your owner website:

  • In response to owner requests, you now have the option to access a list of countries from a dropdown list on the Permission Addendum Form.
  • WorldMark Pending Owners will soon receive email triggers for same-day registration. A new User Interface will be rolling out soon..
Bug fixes:
  • The required zip code field has been removed for international users when a cash payment is required.
  • A bug affecting the dropdown feature on the Monthly Availability calendar for CWSP suite types has been fixed.
  • A bug affecting the Waitlist Requests and Allowed Length of stays has been fixed for owners.

More improvements are on the way. Your club is continuously working behind the scenes to address your feedback and resolve technical issues. As the website evolves, please share your comments via the “Give Feedback” tab on the right-hand side.

Need help registering, finding availability, modifying reservations, or joining a resort’s waitlist? Head to the Navigating Your Website page for videos that show you how to do it all, step-by-step.

Other recent updates:
  • 8/10
    • A bug that prevented users from toggling between different member numbers within a session has been fixed.
    • The reservation details section will no longer appear blank or display information from a prior reservation.
    • Users were experiencing a bug where users “jumped” forward to a future month and then started using the scroll option for future months, making owners think there wasn’t availability. This bug has been fixed.
    • A bug that was showing "sales suites" in the Suite Type dropdown selection has been fixed
    • A bug that impacted login attempts for approximately 4,000 owners has been fixed
  • 7/26
    • A data push for Adobe Target is impacting personalized offers
    • When canceling your reservation online, refund payments via Paypal are not processing.
    • When using mobile devices, the waitlist match details modal is not allowing owners to the next step.
    • Booking Payment Options Step: Owners who have been grandfathered in are unable to proceed past the booking payment options step if out of the Housekeeping Services screen
      Availability Calendar page.
    • Booking Payment Options Step: Owners are experiencing challenges when attempting to proceed past the Booking Payments Options screen for WM Shawnee Village
    • Modify Nights Payment Options Step: Users who have not selected Housekeeping are not able to proceed past the Payment Options when using Vacation Credits
    • Monthly Availability Calendar: Available dates are not appearing when users scroll back and forth between months
    • Monthly Availability Calendar: Accessible Features are not displayed in the Club Pass Suite Details page.
    • The Contact form is not populating the phone number fields
  • 7/12
    • Some users are experiencing issues with the Reservations page switching between accounts.
    • Some users are unable to view their Vacations & Waitlist page. In addition, some users are having issues moving between the Waitlist page when using different member numbers.
    • CWSP resorts are not populating all suite types associated with the resort on the Monthly Availability Calendar page.
    • The Resort dropdown menu is not including all eligible CWSP resorts on the Monthly Availability Calendar page.
    • Some resorts are showing an "Unable To Proceed" error message while loading on the Monthly Avaiblity Calendar page.
    • Monthly Availability Calendar: Some resorts provide unexpected error messages when scrolling to future months on the Monthly Availability Calendar page.
    • When on the Resort Search Results page, if there are fewer than 10 available resorts, the results will not populate.
    • The Modify Nights button does not allow you to modify a reservation for same-day check-in.
    • On the Upcoming Vacations page, the modification or cancellation button does not appear.
  • 6/27
    • You can now view all bookable suite types in the Monthly Availability Calendar, regardless of current inventory availability.
    • You now have the ability to book Smugglers Notch, Emerald Grande, or Dye Villas.
    • American Express cards will no longer be declined when booking or modifying a pre-existing reservation.
    • Improved booking performance for Worldmark Kihei, Worldmark Seventh Mountain Resort, and Worldmark The Canadian
    • Club Wyndham South Pacific (CWSP) resorts no longer display an "unexpected error" during booking.
  • 6/14
    Known challenges with the site:
    • Users' ability to book on the RCI site with the "RCI Confirm First" feature is currently not functioning.
    • The suite type dropdown on the Monthly Availability Calendar is not populating all suites at a resort.
    • Cash transactions cannot utilize a new American Express credit card; only saved American Express cards in users wallet can be used.
    • At this time, all CW resorts will show availability; however CW preferred resorts are unable to be booked online.
    • The Modify Nights button does not allow you to modify a reservation for same-day check-in.
    • An upcoming vacation does not provide an option for you to modify or cancel on the day of check-in.
    • Some users are unable to modify or view the complete details of any reservation using some logins.
  • 4/12
    • When jumping to another resort on the Monthly Availability Calendar, your resort preferences will be tracked so WorldMark can better understand your resort and vacation preferences.
    • Travel Dates selector didn’t allow you to choose a check-in date 13 months out. The selector was off by one day, but this bug has now been fixed.
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