A new advance check-in process is now available for your WorldMark by Wyndham vacations, giving you the option to fill out the check-in form in advance online.

Prior to your check-in date, you’ll receive a text message with a link to an online check-in form. This will allow you to quickly and easily provide information in advance and streamline the check-in process when you arrive.

This new, expedited process will ensure you spend minimal time at the front desk and have maximum time to enjoy your vacation.

Here’s how it works…

1. Seven days prior to your vacation’s arrival date, you’ll receive a text message with a link to the advance check-in form. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the Owner’s page where you will login using your credentials and then the advanced check-in form will populate.

2. You can fill out the advance check-in form from your mobile device at your leisure, making sure to provide all requested information, including vehicle details and any additional guest names.

3. Once you submit the form online, the information is sent directly to your resort’s front desk, so they’ll have it all in their system when you arrive.

Other good stuff to know…

Your cell phone number:
You will only receive a text message with a link to the advance check-in form if your WorldMark account profile is up to date with your cell phone number. If your account profile only includes a landline telephone, the text message will be undeliverable. Please verify your account profile has your current cell phone listed to take advantage of the advance check-in option.

Link to the advance check-in form:
Please note that the link contained within the text message you’ll receive will say trustyou.com, not worldmarkbywyndham.com. There are other identifiers in the text message to indicate that the message is from WorldMark, and the trustyou.com link is a safe and secure domain.

Timeframe for submitting the online form:
The text message with the link to the advance check-in form will be sent seven days prior to your arrival date. If you choose not to submit the form online, the link will expire 24 hours prior to your arrival. You’ll still be able to fill out the check-in form in person when you arrive at the resort.

Additional guests:
It is important to provide the names and information about all guests occupying the suite however, please remember that only the primary guest listed on the reservation may check in at the front desk.

Special requests:
All special requests entered into the advance check-in form are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

Answers to your questions…

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