The top 10 best travel articles of 2022.

2022 has been quite a year — from public health to politics (not to mention pop culture), there has been a lot going on in the last 12 months. Hopefully, despite all the newsworthy noise, you’ve been able to spend some time right here on your owner website, reading up on travel tips and news, and researching and planning amazing getaways.

New and informative content is published regularly, and it’s designed to help ensure you and your family have the best possible vacation experiences. In case you haven’t had a chance to read some of these yet, here are WorldMark by Wyndham’s top 10 best travel articles of 2022.

1. Explore Moab’s monoliths.

The Moab Resort, a WorldMark Associate, started welcoming WorldMark owners earlier this year, and was an instant hit. Owners love having access to two of Utah’s national parks within a short drive, plus state parks, scenic byways, and world-class scenery. Moab is full of amazing things to see and do (not to mention eat), and this Destination Guide is your ticket to exploring all the area has to offer — including both Arches and Canyonlands national parks. Whether you’ve got a trip to Moab on the books or not, this article is well worth reading.

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2. 6 reasons to use WorldMark by Wyndham Travel.

Of course, you know that one of your ownership benefits is exclusive access to a full-service travel agency, but have you ever really thought about why? What is it that makes WorldMark by Wyndham Travel special, and why should you let them help you plan your next vacation? The answers to these questions and more are detailed in this article, which may help convince you to give them a call.

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3. You planned it, now help protect it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and vacations can be expensive — adding travel insurance brings you peace of mind, so you’re not just leaving things up to chance and hoping that everything works out okay. This article details the travel insurance options you have through your WorldMark by Wyndham ownership and informs you on some of the coverage details and benefits, so you can make an informed decision before every trip.

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4. See what’s happening with your website.

Your brand-new owner website launched earlier this year, and since that time it has continuously been undergoing improvements, including adding new features and working out some kinks. This handy news article is your one-stop-shop for a comprehensive overview of all the improvements released since the new site launched. Now offering 24/7 access to booking, canceling, waitlists, and more, your Club Management team has worked hard this year to partner with the tech team in ensuring that your owner website continues to grow and improve.

Read Article: See what’s happening with your website.

5. 3 travel tips for land and sea vacations.

This article has everything you need to know about surf and turf vacations, specifically referring to a vacation that is a combination of time spent on land and at sea. Cruising is a very popular vacation activity, and many owners have realized that it can be pretty fun to book a few extra nights at a club resort before or after their cruise to explore the cool sights in either the cruise’s departure or arrival port, or both. You’ll be surf-and-turfing like a pro after reading this article.

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6. 5 ways to travel boldly.

Your WorldMark by Wyndham ownership offers a whole world of amazing travel opportunities, and the best way to unlock awe-inspiring adventures is by seizing the moment and embracing the experience. This article offers a whole host of tips and ideas for boldly exploring the world and going new places, seeing new sights, and trying new things. You’ll be ready to ride off into the sunset after reading this piece.

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7. 4 Best Resorts for Family Reunions

There are so many amazing WorldMark (and Club Pass) resorts to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to nail down the best resort options for the specific type of vacation you’re looking for. This article focuses on resorts that are great for family reunions, or larger group travel, and from coast to coast there are some great options. Each of these four resorts has large suites, family-friendly amenities, and tons of space — perfect for extended family, grandkids, or just a large group of friends.

Read Article: 4 Best Resorts for Family Reunions

8. Guide to Accessible Adventures

Vacations should be accessible to all, and if you or a family member uses a wheelchair, this article will open up a whole new world of accessible national park travel destinations. Find out which national parks have ADA-compliant visitor centers, restrooms, shuttles, trails, and lookouts, and even one that offers a sand wheelchair with inflatable wheels, allowing visitors of all abilities to explore its sand dunes. Whether a wheelchair is a factor in your travel planning or not, this article offers points of interest to all.

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9. Mythology and Muses: An Artful Experience

Art, dance, music, theater — the fine arts have been thrilling audiences for Millennia, and seekers of the arts often find great vacation experiences in each new destination they visit. This article relies on the wisdom of ancient Greece in tying nine forms of fine art to specific vacation destinations, by relating each city to one of the nine Muses — Greek goddesses who were each devoted to a specific fine art. It’s a playful piece that will give you a chuckle while helping you plan out your next arts-themed getaway.

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10. Your Pass to More Destinations

This article highlights the advantages of Wyndham Club Pass, an exchange benefit that gives all WorldMark by Wyndham owners access to some amazing resorts in a myriad of vacation destinations, including many spots that don’t have WorldMark resorts. Club Pass offers more than 100 Club Wyndham resorts in cool places like New York City, Williamsburg, Atlantic City, Nashville, and more. Club Pass is free, fun, and fully available to all — learn more by reading a program overview in this helpful article.

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