Your WorldMark, The Club Board of Directors recently voted to make some changes to the club’s Pet Policy, as listed in the WorldMark, The Club Guidelines. The recently approved policy adds clarity to the guidelines, making clear the intent of the rule prohibiting non-service animals at WorldMark, The Club properties. The updated language in the guidelines now reads as follows:

WorldMark, The Club Guidelines Section D, Rule 10:

Animals. No animals or pets may be brought onto any of the Resort properties, including in any type of vehicle, except for service animals assisting the handicapped, such as seeing eye dogs. Service animals that are trained to work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability are welcome at all Wyndham Destinations Managed locations. All other animals trained or untrained, whose sole function is to provide emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companionship do not qualify as service animals and are not permitted at Wyndham Destinations Managed locations.

WorldMark, The Club guidelines have always prohibited owners and guests from bringing animals and/or pets to resorts, however trained service animals have historically been allowed. The added verbiage in the policy now makes it clear what is and is not a service animal, to give owners clear understanding of the rule and clarify the board’s intent.

The updated policy is now listed on all of the Club’s pre-arrival and confirmation emails and is being added to relevant pages on your owner website, to ensure all owners have a clear understanding of the rule. For a comprehensive view into al WorldMark, The Club guidelines, please visit the governing documents page on your owner website.

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