Two men standing by the balcony of a Club Pass resort cabin.
Two men standing by the balcony of a Club Pass resort cabin.
Two men standing by the balcony of a Club Pass resort cabin.


Now available: Exciting website enhancements.

Building on last year’s web update that allowed you to search Club Pass availability online, several additional website enhancements are now available, including the ability to book and cancel Club Pass reservations right here on your owner website, easy as pie. That’s right — you no longer have to book Club Pass reservations over the phone (hip hip hooray).

The full list of enhancements.

Including the new Club Pass online booking feature, here is the scoop on all the recent enhancements to your owner website.

Online booking for Club Pass reservations.
Sure, this one was already mentioned above, but it’s kind of a big deal so it’s worth mentioning twice. And it gets even better — using the new Club Pass online booking feature will save you big time on your Club Pass exchange fee. The exchange fee for online Club Pass reservations is $49 — now that’s a deep discount!

Online modification of confirmed reservations.
Sometimes you need to add a night, drop a night, or bump your dates by a few days. You used to have to call the Vacation Planning Center for that, but now you can manage it yourself, right here on your owner website.

Online waitlist enhancements.
You can already join the waitlist online, but now you can also manage your waitlist requests online as well. You can view your pending requests, delete them if you no longer need them, and book or modify waitlist matches that are offered to you.

Personalization for individual owner dashboards.
If you’re an owner that shares your ownership with another person, each owner can customize their own individual online dashboard and contact information, giving each of you privacy and a more personal online vacation planning experience.

Add Credit Protection to your reservations online.
Credit Protection is a new peace-of-mind option that offers you the flexibility of canceling your reservation up until 11:59 p.m. PT on the date of check-in for a full refund. Credit Protection is $149 per reservation, and can be added to new and existing reservations online up until the cancellation date.

Answers to your questions.

The below questions and answers should help clear up any outstanding inquiries you may have. If you have further questions, please call 800-457-0103 or visit the Help page.

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